As the FCC weakens net neutrality protections, learn how to stop Comcast from throttling your internet in this full guide.

Re: Is comcast throttling my connection? My issue has been resolved after doing a web chat with Xfinity support. They sent a signal to my modem that caused it to reload it's settings, after a power cycle I'm back up to my normal sustained speed. Completely ruining your experience by throttling. This kind of ISP Throttling is avoidable by using a VPN. The function of the VPN manages the lack of speed through its own servers. Comcast Throttling Back in 2007, Comcast was caught while throttling the BitTorrent traffic. Find outage information for Xfinity Internet, TV, & phone services in your area. Get status information for devices & tips on troubleshooting. Jul 02, 2018 · Comcast has a long history of being one of the most hated companies in the U.S. It’s been accused of throttling customers’ internet download speeds on numerous occasions over the years, among Sep 25, 2019 · While Comcast has admitted to throttling internet speeds in the past, according to its most recent public announcement on the issue, it no longer carries out the practice. However, plenty of users are convinced that the company may still be selectively throttling speeds. Jun 23, 2020 · Bandwidth throttling is the slowing of the usually available bandwidth used by devices to access the internet. ISPs and mobile carriers will throttle bandwidth. According to the document, Comcast's throttling with have two trigger conditions. The first is activated when using more than 70-percent of a subscriber's maximum upstream or upstream bandwidth in

May 25, 2020 · Comcast throttling of traffic using the BitTorrent protocol in 2007 is an example of an ISP by using unclear and controversial reasons for limiting the internet bandwidth. Comcast claimed that users of the popular file-sharing system were using an excessive amount of bandwidth on their network.

Back in February this year, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC as it is commonly known, passed a new set of rules on Net Neutrality that basically prevented ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from throttling connection speeds to certain services in order to charge their users (and the services in question) more for smooth access. Comcast offers cable television, internet and home phone service. Services are branded Xfinity in areas where digital triple play services are available. Xfinity TV offers television over the internet (IPTV). Comcast serves homes and businesses in 40 states and the District of Columbia. Comcast is a majority shareholder of NBC Universal. Windows 10 Throttling my internet speeds?!? I just bought a new Dell G5 laptop and have Centurylink 1Gbps internet with a Killer 2400 Ethernet adapter. Wired I am getting 260 to 300 Mbps download and 900+ upload speeds. Using the XFINITY My Account mobile app. Logging into your Comcast account and clicking the check for service interruptions link. Visiting the Xfinity Status Center. Calling 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) or 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) If you've registered your mobile phone number for Comcast Alerts, you can text OUT to 266278 (COMCST)

Later that morning I get a text from my neighbor (live in a duplex) asking if my internet service was working because her's wasn't. It turns out that comcast decided to not only deactivate my service, but to disconnect/deactivate the whole building. I don't know why, and as expected, when my neighbor called them, they didn't know why.

Sketchy Reasons for Internet Throttling. Comcast’s throttling of (or outright interference with) traffic using the BitTorrent protocol in 2007 is an excellent example of an ISP using gray and controversial reasons for limiting bandwidth.