Find the URL: Accessing the DSL modem settings is a little different than accessing other hardware …

Devices are connected to another router’s Wi-Fi network If your Google Nest Wifi router or Google Wifi primary point is connected to a modem/router combo, you’ll have to turn off Wi-Fi in the modem/router combo. To disable Wi-Fi, connect a computer directly to your modem/router combo with an Ethernet cable. Log into your modem/router combo and find its settings to turn off Wi-Fi. Support Home - Viasat, Inc. On the following screen, you will be able to configure your network name, password, security mode and more under the heading "WiFi Settings". To access the modem interface, type in your browser URL bar. Enter your modem user name and password. How To: Get the best wireless router settings for your

Standard Modem. A standard modem is a small box that connects your devices (computers, set top boxes, etc.) to the Internet using cables. In order to enable a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection in your home, your modem must be paired with a separate device called a router. A router is a device that works with your modem.

How do I change my Home WiFi settings, including network If you do not have the username and passcode for your WiFi-enabled Internet modem, you can try using the default equipment settings found in the table below. Select from the menu options the relevant section to make any changes. Note: You can also change configurable items such as security logins, encryption parameters, WiFi settings, etc.

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Oct 11, 2019 · Next, make your way to the advanced settings on the app/configuration page and find a tab called USB Storage, USB Settings, or something similar. Once in that tab, click the checkbox for "FTP via Jul 20, 2020 · Settings that turn off security, such as None, Open, or Unsecured, are stongly discouraged. Turning off security disables authentication and encryption and allows anyone to join your network, access its shared resources (including printers, computers, and smart devices), use your internet connection, and monitor data transmitted over your