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Create a Guest Wireless Network in Tomato (Isolated Guest

Dec 02, 2018 Switched Ports - DD-WRT Wiki NOTE: not all Broadcom routers are capable of VLAN configuration. E.g. the WRT320N does not use VLANs for the switch, as they have two independent Ethernet phys, so the switch is non-configurable. Important: Before following the instructions below, 'first use the DD-WRT Setup->VLANs page to make your initial configuration changes, if possible.

And I've setup 3 different VLANs and Virtual Wireless Interfaces via Advanced Tomato It just doesn't seem that VirtualBox actually tags the traffic marking it with the correct VLAN info. In essence, the first VLAN virtual wireless setup on the router works but the others simply do not even thought I …

Oct 23, 2013 Help with VLAN's for Tomato Router | Netgate Forum On the Tomato default VLAN (1 usually), I configured my untagged SSIDs. I use two tagged VLANs, which are set up as VLAN and bridges (to hook up with the Wifi config). In the VLAN setup, I associated each one with the same port I'm using to uplink, set the VLAN ID to whatever I plan to use on pfSense, and marked it 'tagged". Best way to configure tomato as an AP and setup an Jun 19, 2012 VLAN Tagging on Tomato for FTTH - CenturyLink | DSLReports Aug 23, 2014