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Error Code 1001; Play:1 using VPN network | Sonos Community This topic has been closed for further comments. You can use the search bar to find a similar topic, or create a new one by clicking Create Topic at the top of the page. the server you want to connect to requests identification Jul 02, 2020

While there are a few connectivity issues regarding VPN between Security Gateways, remote access clients present a special challenge. Remote clients are, by their nature, mobile. During the morning they may be located within the network of a partner company, the following evening connected to a hotel LAN or behind some type of enforcement or

MODEM No Dial Tone 02-01005/Opening Port Error680/Query

Mar 22, 2013

There is no extra IPTables rules for IKEv2. As long as you did not flush the IPTables rules created by the VPN setup script, you should be fine. Can you try the strongSwan Android VPN client? It supports IKEv2 only and you can import the .p12 file directly into the app, then create a VPN connection based on certificate authentication. Princess Website - Error screen - Princess Cruises Oct 02, 2009