May 23, 2013 · The new Worx Home 8.6.1 on Android requires that you run WorxWeb 1.3.3 from Citrix, otherwise the MicroVPN tunnel won’t be established and you won’t reach your internal resources through it. So it’s more important than ever to ensure that you try your NetScaler, AppController and Worx apps and align their releases.. once they work then

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I have recently build a XenMobile MDM and Citrix AppController 2.9 Pilot and needed to wrap the 2 Worx Apps using MDX technology in order to allow MicroVPN traffic into the internal network. Below is the procedure you will need to follow in order to wrap the Worx Apps ready for deployment. Worx Home by Citrix: Appstore for Android Mar 20, 2015

Citrix's MDX Technology powers XenMobile's MAM. The Worx App SDK, a simple and powerful SDK that "Worx-enables" any mobile app, leverages Citrix MDX app container technology to separate corporate apps and data from personal apps and data on application-specific MicroVPN. Each app has its own dedicated MicroVPN tunnel.

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