NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) is a program that allows applications on different computers to communicate within a local area network (LAN). It was created by IBM for its early PC Network, was adopted by Microsoft, and has since become a de facto industry standard. NetBIOS is used in Ethernet and Token Ring networks and, included

Using a netbios scan to survey your network If you ever wondered if there is a quick way to find all the Windows host in your network with exact version information, you are in the right place! We are going to see a few tools that will aid us in this task by quering the CIFS service (also known as SMB / NetBIOS) which is run by all Windows host. NetBIOS Enumeration - Technical Navigator Basics NetBIOS provides us Commutation in LAN(local area network). generally, NetBIOS work on port- 137(UDP), 138(UDP), 139(TCP) I think only windows have NetBIOS services. All the higher version from Windows 2000, have the NetBIOS service. NetBIOS can show you a lot of information about a Windows machine. and always remember that NetBIOS isn’t a protocol, […]

Dec 05, 2018

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Apr 27, 2015 Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on Windows 10 - YouTube Jul 04, 2017 NetBIOS - Wikipedia A Windows machine's NetBIOS name is not to be confused with the computer's Internet host name (assuming that the computer is also an Internet host in addition to being a NetBIOS node, which need not necessarily be the case). Generally a computer running Internet protocols (whether it is a Windows machine or not) usually has a host name (also What is NetBIOS? Does Windows need its ports 137 and 138