Specifically, a bot is an application that performs an automated task, such as setting an alarm, telling you the weather or searching online. Siri and Cortana are bots, as was Microsoft's Clippy

Cleverbot.com - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Many people say there is no bot - that it is connecting people together, live. The AI can seem human because it says things real people do say, but it is always software, imitating people. Sign in to Cleverbot. You'll have seen scissors on Cleverbot. Using them you can share snippets of … How to Check If a Twitter Account Is a Bot Sep 14, 2017

Discord Bots

Bots and botnets – the most dangerous threat on the What exactly is an internet bot? Internet bots, also known as web robots, WWW robots or simply bots, are software applications that perform repetitive tasks automatically or on a schedule over the internet, tasks that would be too mundane or time-consuming for an actual person. Search engines use them to surf the web and methodically catalogue Beware Of This Internet Cat’s Meow—It Destroys Databases

Easily configure your bot on the go with absolutely no coding required. Enable and disable modules to tailor your discord bot to your servers needs. Easily get started by pasting your bots token into your dashboard, saving and going online.

How to Make a Web Bot | Techwalla Open a plain text editing application, such as Notepad, which is included with Microsoft Windows, or … What Are Bots? - Norton Bots, or Internet robots, are also known as spiders, crawlers, and web bots. While they may be utilized to perform repetitive jobs, such as indexing a search engine, they often come in the form of malware.Malware bots are used to gain total control over a computer.