Jul 08, 2014

UnoTelly Review: View Channels of Any Countries (SmartDNS Dec 21, 2014 UnoTelly VPN Review - Not Good For Much | VPNpro Jan 09, 2020 UnoTelly VPN review | Reasons why you should avoid this UnoTelly Review . UPDATE: UnoTelly does not appear to be active at this time. UnoVPN is part of UnoTelly’s Gold subscription. It is a limited Virtual Private Network (VPN) that UnoTelly markets as a privacy and security service. In fact, UnoTelly specifies that the VPN is for privacy only and should “not be used for other purposes.” UnoTelly Review - Not Working - Updated 2020

UnoTelly has kept pricing plans simple as possible, where subscribers can select from either Premium Plan or Gold Plan. While Premium plan is charged at $4.95/month , it allows users to select location in one of the thirty countries.

Dec 08, 2019 UnoTelly Review 2020: Unimpressive VPN and Smart DNS Service


Downloaded the Unotelly app, thinking it would assist. It only left me more confused. *sigh* Aug 18, 2015 · UnoTelly VPN Speedtest Our download speed was just above 9Mbps using UnoTelly. While this is slow compared to a lot of VPN providers, it is entirely adequate—in fact, it’s more than what’s needed—for streaming, which is really what this service is designed for. UnoTelly takes pride in providing a service that actively allows you open access to geoblocked material and for good reason. Most any type of geolocation blocks are easily bypassed with this service. For streamers, this means that you will easily be able to access all of the popular streaming sites around the world. Oct 28, 2012 · Unotelly is a virus/scam. Their pop-ups block free access to such sites as the BBC . They prevent you from getting rid of their permanent blocking system . They are internet- criminals posing as a legitimate on-line service - and as such - must be prosecuted. UnoTelly offers two different plans for subscribing their services. One is premium plan available at $4.95/month and other is gold plan available at $7.95/month with 100% money back guarantee. The basic difference between these two plans is that Gold one comes with VPN service too along with DNS service.