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Prepare to Configure. Insert an Ethernet cable into one of Ethernet ports in the row of adjacent ports on the back of the gateway. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a laptop or desktop computer to use when configuring the gateway.; Launch a browser and navigate to the setup screens for the router by typing the router’s default IP address, which might vary by manufacturer. ExpressVPN Router Setup: Install ExpressVPN on a Router Jan 30, 2020 Oct 19, 2019 · Connecting to the Router 1. Connect your router to your computer and your modem. Use Ethernet cables to connect your modem to the 2. Open a web browser. Your router’s configuration page can be accessed by any computer that is connected to the same 3. Enter in your router’s address. Routers are Jan 16, 2014 · Beginner Geek: How to Configure Your Router Accessing Your Router’s Web Interface. First of all, you’ll need to access your router’s settings interface through your Signing In. You’ve now successfully accessed your router’s web interface and should see it in your web browser. Configuring Your In addition to those directions, consider the following points: Enable the router’s firewall. You don’t need to adjust the firewall; most routers set things up just as you need them. Set a Service Set Identifier, or SSID, for your wireless network. This is the name by which the wireless network Mar 27, 2020 · To do so, you will need to connect your broadband modem to the router. For best results, place your router near your modem. Connect the router and the modem with an Ethernet cable. Most routers come packaged with a short Ethernet cable that you can use for this.

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Apr 09, 2019 · The Wi-Fi router range depends on the standard it supports. For example, Wireless N routers (802.11n) offer better range compared to Wireless-G routers. It is best to use two 802.11n routers, but a Wireless-G as the second router may work fine as well. Make sure you know the passkey and SSID for each router if you set up a wireless connection.

How to Set up a Home Network Router - Lifewire Apr 10, 2020 How to set up a wireless router | PCWorld Jun 15, 2017 Linksys Official Support - Setting up a Linksys router Configuring a Linksys router for Cable Internet connection QUICK TIP: To reconfigure a previously used router, reset the router to factory defaults. To do this, press and hold the Reset button of your router for 10 seconds. The Reset button is usually located at the back of the router.