Jul 10, 2019 · Those with a high ping will most likely experience delays (or lags) playing the game, which will ultimately affect the game’s outcome. In fact, at even higher amounts, the servers of many FPS games will automatically disconnect those players. Many online games will display your ping time as well as the ping of other players or servers.

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Your ping to a server represents the amount of time it takes for data to travel there, and for the server to send the response back to you. A ping of 150 ms is fair for playing most MMORPGs. This example might help you understand how the internet works. You are A and you want to talk to S. The P is a proxy server.

Sep 27, 2018

A ping below 20ms is considered a good result, whereas a ping over 150ms is considered to cause noticeable delay/lag. And it does not matter how powerful and fast your computer is - a high ping will cause lag/delay while playing real-time games, giving you a disadvantage against other players.

How To Lower Ping and Reduce Lag Spikes in PC Games - Fix