If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

5 Ways To Fix IPhone Not Connected To ITunes Because Reset your network settings:. Firstly try resetting your network settings. For this purpose simply go … If iTunes can't contact the software update server for Apr 06, 2020 iOS 8 download keeps timing out - Ask Different I have the 32 GB iPhone 5s. I have 19 GB remaining in my iCloud space. It was suggested to use my laptop to download iOS 8.0 and update my phone via iTunes but it keeps telling me the internet connection timed out. Is this happening because Apple's update site is overwhelmed, perhaps? Help, I keep getting "Server connection timed out

But fail! As the kids would say. Epic fail! The iTunes program (to which one must succumb to have an iPhone) kept trying to update the phone, but it would stop after a while and tell me "Your network connection timed out." To a guy like me, that ain't real helpful. It took a bit of Googling, but here's what I figured out.

Fix iTunes Error 3259 - Here are the Easiest Ways! When Windows Firewall is enabled, it prevents iTunes from accessing network connection unless iTunes is listed as an exception. Here is how to allow iTunes in Windows Firewall: Step 1: Press the Windows key, and click on the Search icon and in the search field enter “firewall.cpl.

Nov 17, 2011 · /iOS 4.1 Won’t Download “err=3259. Network Connection Timed Out” Fix

iPhone Software Update times out - Apple Community Nov 24, 2010 Fix iTunes Network Connection Timed Out & Error -3259